Saphira Price List

Saphira Hair Care product line has 26 Minerals from the depths of the Dead Sea in Israel. The Dead Sea is rich in salts and minerals. The mineral from the Dead Sea has been proven to have healing properties for the skin and hair. Saphira hair care products helps in healing, it nourishes, it strengthens, and adds volume, adds shine, without any waxy products such as paraben and paraffin free. Also sulfate free and sodium chloride free. There are presently 10 products available, and more to come!

Saphira Hair Products
Keratin Moisturizing Shampoo (13.5 oz.) $30.00 Mineral Mud (8.5 oz.) $32.00
Keratin Moisturizing Conditioner (13.5 oz.) $30.00 Mineral Mud (16.9 oz.) $46.00
Mineral Treatment Shampoo (13.5 oz.) $32.00 Mineral Oil (3.4 oz.) $N/A
Mineral Treatment Conditioner (13.5 oz.) $34.00 Mineral Oil (8.5 oz.) $38.00
“THE ONE” (5.1 oz.) $32.00
Finishing Products
Rejuvenating Styling Cream (8.5 oz.) $31.00 Moisturizing Curl Cream (8.5 oz.)  $N/A
Rejuvenating Styling Cream (13.5 oz.) $N/A Sculpting Lotion (8.5 oz.) $34.00
Moisturizing Curl Cream (8.5 oz.) $32.00

* Please note: All prices are subject to change